Jameson 40% alcohol/ethanol.

  • anastassiyamaximenkoКогда ты немножечко чуть-чуть не спал 2 дня, но в воскресение не подал виду на вечеринке Jameson и выглядел бодрячком!👱🏼‍♀️#JamesonBartendersBall
  • modniybazar.kz👍👍👍

Bacardi exploiting JFK.


John Kennedy was donating his salary to charity while being a senator and then after becoming a president.
At @cynic we donate one euro from each Wake Up Call cocktail to the shelter’s account. The bar guests can also exchange a kilo of pet food to one cocktail.
Did you know that Daikiri used to be one of the president’s favourites? He might have liked Wake Up Call too!

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