The all-White and star-studded Jameson party rocked

jas bots all white party

The mysterious Jameson party this past Saturday had royalty written all over it. Yours Truly landed in style with other celebrities after being picked up from Game City to a covert location which later turned out to be Boetelo Sun Valley Resort along Notwane River Banks (Notwane). It was truly off to a good start when we were chauffeured in grand style, with expensive Jameson whisky flowing throughout our brief journey. Talk of class; the organizers of the Jameson secret and all-White-affair truly know how to rock a party. Yours Truly was smitten!

In all things probable; this was a hush-hush party and just as they say about Vegas; whatever happens at the Jameson party must also remain there! However, I’m sure we could break a rule or two as Yours Truly is burning and raring to share all the juice and style that permeated the Jameson do. This party was top notch.

Here’s why: The organizers prearranged a shuttle to ferry revelers to the secret venue of the party, which we can now reveal was Boetelo Sun Valley Resort along Notwane River Banks (Notwane).
It was a dope plan until some revelers decided to come late (way past 1500hrs) thus making Yours Truly and a few that had honoured the time to wait and in turn miss out on an opportunity to arrive early at the venue, and start imbibing copious amounts of free Jameson whisky. I was pissed!

My annoyance was however soothed when we arrived at the venue. The place was teeming and painted White courtesy of the stylish and pristine VIP revelers. These included O’Neal (Cliff Central), Gabs Diva (Yarona FM), Simba Mudereri (MC) and Jam-N-I (DJ).

The party was taken care of musically courtesy of immaculate mixes from an all-star DJ lineup which included GROOVE CARTELL (Internationally acclaimed House-Duo), DJ HOMIE, KING DAVID (Dance Hall King), DJ IZZY (Multi-award winning DJ) and DJ KHENZO (Legendary Hip-Hop DJ).

Enjoy the pics!