Heineken Pure Pirana – pure alcohol + sparkling water.

The HEINEKEN Company


Pure Piraña, our global hard seltzer brand, is getting ready to expand into Europe. Pure Piraña is poised to dive into the European summer to meet consumer demand across the region. Read more here: https://bit.ly/3bMdV8S #PurePiraña #hardseltzer #innovation

Molson Coors use @TheRock @ZOAenergy


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Moments after @TheRock introduced Team USA in the opening ceremonies, he starred in a new ad for @ZOAenergy, exposing the new low-calorie energy drink to millions. It’s the first big ad campaign for ZOA, which is backed by Molson Coors. See the ad and read more by clicking the link in our bio.21m

It’s like @molsoncoors and @underarmour should be partners already