Trash Is For Tossers (@trashisfortossers) Absolut vodka causes cancer

trashisfortossersRunning my companies takes about 99% of my time and energy but when I get the time to have some me time, see my friends, go out, get dinner, and relax I like to have a drink, which sounds simple but when I think about the idea that every product that I consume has a back story, a production line, people who make it… I start to dig into my product choices a lot more. For a long time, alcohol was just something I consumed to enjoy myself and I assumed that they were all relatively equal from a sustainability perspective, but it turns out that isn’t true. Not all alcohol is made equal. When I drink beer I choose to order what is on draft and what is local which helps to cut down on single use cans and bottles, but when it comes to spirits, I had to do some digging and came across @absolutvodka which I have consumed for

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